The Tanja Liedtke Foundation Archive


Everybody is special to somebody – but only a few are special to many.

Tanja Liedtke was such a person.

She was not only special to her family, as a loving daughter and funny little sister

She was not only special to her friends, as a caring comrade and trusted companion

She was not only special to her colleagues, as a motivated and determined artist

She was also special to the many that saw her works, who could feel the power of her vision, share the ambition of her dream, and enjoy the impact of her productions.

The Tanja Liedtke Foundation was created to share and preserve a sliver of what made up the soul of Tanja’s work. She always felt that her dance could change the world, that her choreographies would have a meaning beyond the artistic expression. As every outstanding artist pours their inner self into their works, so did she. In order to fully appreciate her work and her vision, one should try to understand the person Tanja Liedtke; the following documents about her will help us do this.

Patrick M. Liedtke